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Scenery of Guilin

The unique scenery of Guilin, with Guilin city in the center and Lijiang River as its backdrop, ranges from Lingqu of Xing'an in the north and to Yangshuo in the south. It prominently features verdant mountains, limpid water, special caves and beautiful rocks. "Guilin's scenery is the most beautiful in China", so goes a Chinese saying.

Duxiu Peak
Duxiu Peak is one of the ten major attractions in Guilin, with the winding 306 stone steps leading to the summit of the peak. On the cliff there are inscriptions of poems by the literati of past dynasties, which are of certain historical and artist value.

Elephant Trunk Hill
Elephant Trunk Hill, on the west bank of Lijiang River, looks vividly like and elephant dipping its trunk into the river to drink water.

Seven-Star Cave
Seven-Star Cave, on the east bank of Lijiang River, is the most famous cave in Guilin. It falls into upper, middle and lower levels. Underground rivers, underground galleries and many stalactites, stalagmites and stone pillars, etc, can be found in the cave.

Lijiang River
Lijiang River scenic area of Guilin is the most famous karst scenic spot in China. There are grotesque peaks standing facing each other, along with flying waterfalls, hills rising one upon another and water as clear as a mirror. In the word, the scenery is incomparably attractive.

Do you know?

The landscape in Guilin is located in an area where limestone in extensively distributed. There are myriads of mountains, caves and waterways, as the saying goes "there is no mountain without caves and there is no cave without unique scenery in Guilin".
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