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Located in Liaoning province, Dalian is a famous port in the northern China and also a well-known industrial and tourist city.

Dalian has a solid industrial foundation, and is one of the important industrial bases in China. With abundant aquatic resources, it is also an important fishery base. Dalian is a major port for international trade in China. Its international airport has airlines to every major city in China.

Dalian is at the top of the list of excellent tourist cities in China. There are several beaches for swimmers in the city. Tiger Beach Park is the first in China to have built a tourist cableway across the gulf with a length of 600 m.

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Dalian city is decorated with many squares, such as Haizhiyun Square, Triumph Square, Sun Yat-sen Square, Remin Square, Olympic Square, etc. Statistics show that there are about 70 squares in city. Dalian probably has the largest number of squares in Asia. These squares help to enrich the city's culture and demonstrate its charms.

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Every year, Dalian hosts many grand festivals, such as International Fashion Festival, Import & Export Trade Fair, Spring Firecracker Festival, Pagoda Trees Appreciation Festival, International Marathon Tournament, and Ice Lentern Festival. It successfully held Travel & Tourist Trade Fair in 1997 and Second Chinese Flowers Trade Fair. Dalian International Marathon Tournament has been successfully hosted there for 20 times.
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